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The Native Cloud Software Engine (NCSE) is a system of components that
provide programmers the ability to add cloud-based server infrastructure, processing,
and data management features to mobile applications with just a few lines of code.
Native Cloud Objects (NCOs) are the workers of the NCSE and manage data storage and communications. NCOs encompass many types of functions and purposes, including:
  • basic data storage for structured and unstructured data;
  • persistence management;
  • messaging and queuing;
  • streaming media, and;
  • transaction and event processing
NCOs may serve just one purpose as part of an application, or they can be grouped together to create entire applications. They are created via the Native Cloud API and, when necessary, can utilize our powerful Native Cloud Language on both clients and servers for advanced applications.
Native Cloud Software Engine Diagram
Native Cloud Servers are cloud-based transaction processors that run as lightweight virtual servers on our Cloud OS. They are configured and/or programmed by application developers to handle necessary tasks, like communications between users, data storage and retrieval, large-scale mathematical calculations, and big data analysis. There are several pre-built Cloud Objects that provide data and communications functions, and are called right within an XCode project. Once defined, Native Cloud Servers are dynamically instantiated by the Native Cloud OS when they are needed and can scale on the fly. Our Native Cloud OS is a managed distributed operating system and the foundation of the NCSE. Some of the many services our Cloud OS performs include ensuring security, system reliability and performance of applications. It can also be deployed in private data centers to create robust private and hybrid clouds that can securely interact with external clouds and across distributed data centers.
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