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Our mission is to make cloud computing secure, reliable, high-performing, and
simple to deploy and manage for mobile developers.
For more than ten years the founders of Native Cloud Systems (NCS) have been working on better ways to develop multi-user, real-time, interactive, data intensive applications for consumer and enterprise software. Along the way, the explosive growth of mobile devices, the proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure services, and a more socially-connected population have all converged to pose great challenges for application developers.

NCS is addressing the resulting need to reduce the ever-growing complexity in programming applications across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, by building security, scalability, reliability, and cloud infrastructure right into our software engine. These are the areas that programmers often don't think about, don't know how to approach, or address as painful afterthoughts, and NCS has developed the Native Cloud Software Engine as an easier, less time-consuming way to develop, release, and manage huge mobile and distributed application deployments.

Our goal is to release solutions that address the productivity, security and performance challenges of using the current cloud infrastructure while making the creation of advanced mobile applications easy. Simply put, we're striving to break down all of the barriers to entering and utilizing the cloud.
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